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ON June 14, for the US forklift business is the national forklift safety day, and always pay attention to the safety of GS is no matter what the ordinary day, because GS's safety is present in the daily  drip. 

In the structural parts, paint and other production workshop, the safety of employees has become a major event hanging in the company leadership heart. To this end, the leaders of the department under the leadership of the general manager held a number of security meetings, in-depth mining production process of the existence of security risks, to correct the bad behavior in production, always reflect on the summary, to create the most secure factory.

every employee in the post will be pre-job training, and mentioned in the training is the most security, fire safety, safety of electricity, natural disaster safety, and even traffic safety. For fire safety, each employee must know the location and use of the fire extinguisher, to understand the location of the evacuation point, to prepare for contingencies.

 In the production process, the production department supervisor will be in the workshop around the inspection, see employees in the operation of the existence of security risks when the timely stop, and security guidance, to correct the staff chances and safety aspects of myth. After work every day, Kyrgyzstan Xinxiang will arrange the relevant personnel to carry out after-school security checks to confirm the water within the workshop closed and other matters to prevent accidents.

 In order to eliminate the security risks, the company gradually banned the original set in the canteen, the corner of the workshop smoking point, the staff in the company and the workshop to prohibit smoking, but also prohibit foreigners smoking in the company. GS to create a smoke-free factory another one of the main purpose is to eliminate security risks, to create the safest factory.



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