Cost Effective Maintenance Tips for Forklift

In the use of forklifts, due to the internal structure changes and external factors, the internal parts of the vehicle may be subject to wear, looseness, deformation, etc. At the mean time, accidents and safety problems may occur in the long run. Therefore, the cost of using the forklift also increased.

At current time users have paid more attention to the maintenance of forklifts. Scientific and reasonable maintenance can not only effectively extend the life of forklifts, but also ensure the safety of work, so that your forklift can be in optimal working condition at any time and reduce the cost of use. At some heavy workload, the forklift is almost 24 hours working. How do we carry out simple maintenance of the forklift to ensure efficiency and reduce the cost of use?


1. Change the tires that are easy to wear. This is a must-do job. When sports car is working at full load, the tire wear is very serious and the race must be replaced after the race to make sure the game can continue. The forklift is also the same. If the tire is worn or damaged, the forklift will not be stable during the work, resulting in huge vibration, which is very harmful to electrical systems and hydraulic systems. Therefore, we must replace worn tires in time to avoid other failures and increase the cost of use.

2. Keep a clean working environment of the forklift, and pay attention to the cleaning work of the forklift itself. The environment in which forklifts work often has some debris such as wooden pallet chips, plastic wrap, garbage, rags, production waste, etc., if these debris are wrapped around fork wheels or tires, especially polyurethane tires used in trucks, etc., it has a far-reaching impact on work efficiency. So it is necessary to check and timely remove these debris of the forklift, and often clean the floor of the forklift workplace, even considering the use of plastic pallets or metal pallets instead of wooden pallets.

3. Add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil if it is necessary. The forklift machinery needs more maintenance. The lack of hydraulic oil will cause the forklift to fail to reach the rated height and rated load when its work, affecting the working efficiency;

4. Timely draining the oil-water separator. With the national environmental protection requirements, all internal combustion forklifts are equipped with oil-water separators. If the water in the oil-water separator is not discharged in time, it will directly cause damage to the engine.

5. Operate the forklift according to the operation manual of the forklift. Do not operate it by mistake. If the operation failure is slight, it will damage the forklift body. If it is heavy, it will cause a forklift accident.

6. Reduce impact damage. When in narrow aisle, operation should be careful. It is not only to arrange trained forklift drivers to work in such environments, but also pay attention to the surrounding environment and vehicle indicators to avoid collisions. 

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