Electric forklift battery should be added water in time

During the charging and discharging process of the electric forklift, the water in the electrolyte is gradually reduced due to electrolysis and evaporation, so that the surface of the electrolyte is lowered. If it is not replenished in time, it is possible to shorten the service life of the forklift battery. : Just add water? Is tap water also OK? Drinking water is also OK? The water added to the electric forklift battery should be distilled water. It is not cheap to choose to drink pure water instead of distilled water. After all, pure water contains a variety of trace elements, which will have an adverse effect on the forklift battery.


Special attention: Sometimes the forklift can't start, many people think that it is caused by insufficient electric storage truck, and often add electrolyte to the battery. The result is counterproductive and greatly shortens the service life of the battery. The battery of the electric forklift is in normal operation and can only be replenished. Do not add electrolyte. If the battery of the electric forklift is dumped, the electrolyte will flow out and cause loss. The electrolyte of the electric forklift should be supplemented by the original electrolyte density.

Q: When do you need to add distilled water? Simply open the small hat of the battery and see if there is any dryness inside the battery cap or whether the water reaches the warning line position. You can judge whether the battery needs to be filled with water. Specific practice: Inject the distilled water into the battery through the vent hole. Cover the vent hole with a ventilated cover to prevent dust from falling into the vent. It is best to use medically distilled water. The principle of hydration is to keep more. Not enough can be added, the more the acid weight is reduced, the battery capacity will be insufficient. Inexperienced people can master 5mL per hole, and the hydration tool uses straws such as glass and plastic. Medical disposable syringes are recommended for ease of use and ease of metering. The hydrating tool cannot use any metal-containing appliance. The syringe should be pulled out of the metal needle and used after a plastic tube.

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