Energy saving and environmental protection, electric forklifts have become the highlight of the forklift industry

The world has unwittingly slammed the energy-saving and environmental protection storm. Energy is not inexhaustible, energy conservation is imperative; environmental pollution is serious. In recent years, abnormal weather and natural disasters have become more frequent, and environmental protection is on the line. Have to send. In the forklift industry, the company quickly responded to the international energy-saving and environmental protection storms, and launched environmentally-friendly and energy-saving forklifts. The forklift industry's green energy-saving forklifts, which are mainly powered by electric forklifts, electric stackers and electric pallet trucks, have already shined on the forklift stage.


At present, the development level of China's electric storage equipment is far lower than that of developed countries. This is not the same as the national responsibility for energy conservation and emission reduction that the Chinese government shoulders. The root cause is that the main reason is that the macro-control is not strict and the equipment use training is not in place. The development of electric forklifts was frustrated by the late start of equipment development, the large investment in research and development, and the high cost of electric equipment. In order to enable Chinese enterprises to use energy-saving and environmentally-friendly electric storage equipment, many forklift manufacturers in China's forklift industry have begun to develop and manufacture electric forklifts, electric stackers and electric pallet trucks, in order to create a situation suitable for China's enterprises. The electric storage equipment is practical, durable and cost-effective. It is the key to the development and market development of electric storage forklifts.

Electric forklifts, typical representatives in China, and their advantages are:
First, the use cost and maintenance cost of the electric forklift in its service life are lower than that of the internal combustion forklift, and this gap will become larger as the service life increases.
Second, the steering system, control system, and brake system of the electric forklift are controlled by electrical signals for more comfortable operation.
Third, the use of electric forklifts is wider than that of internal combustion forklifts, and can be used indoors and outdoors, without pollution and energy.
Fourth, the controller and motor of the electric forklift are closed structures, which can provide more protection.
Fifth, the brake system of the electric forklift has a regenerative braking function to save energy.
Sixth, the electric forklift's carbon emissions, exhaust emissions, dust emissions, etc. are zero, zero pollution to the environment.

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