Forklift bearing lubrication tips


Lubrication is very important for forklifts, which can effectively improve work efficiency, prevent rust and reduce component wear. As a very important part of the transmission system, the new forklift or the forklift after long-term stop working, in the two weeks after the start of use, for the bearings that should be lubricated, when refueling, the new oil should be used to squeeze all the oil. Out and lubricate twice or more, and pay attention to the following points:

1. Remove the dirt on the oil cover, oil plug and grease nipple before lubrication to prevent dirt from falling into the mechanism.

2. When the lubricant is injected with a grease gun, it should be injected into the parts of each part to combine the extruded lubricant.

3. Seasonal lubricants (oil, etc.) should be replaced in summer or winter.


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