Forklift daily maintenance knowledge

In order to save costs, it is necessary to extend the life of the forklift as much as possible to play its maximum potential, so the maintenance of the forklift is very important, the following to understand the daily maintenance of Chengdu,

First, check and adjust the gap between the brake pads of the hand and foot brake and the brake drum.

Second, check the multi-way valve, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work is normal.

Third, replace the oil in the oil pan, check the crankcase ventilation is good, clean the oil filter and diesel filter cartridge.

Fourth, check the cylinder pressure or vacuum.



Fifth, check the transmission shift is normal.

Sixth, check and adjust the valve clearance.

Seventh, check the degree of fan belt tension.

Eighth, check the thermostat work is normal.

Nine, check the generator and starter motor is installed firmly, and the wiring is clean and solid, check the carbon brush and commutator for wear and tear.

Tenth, check the diesel tank oil inlet filter has blocked the damage, and clean or replace the filter.

Eleventh, check whether the wheel installation is firm, tire pressure is attached to the requirements, and remove the tread embedded debris.


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