Forklift failure prevention measures

1. Preventive measures

The first is to establish a statistical table of the use of various components. According to the manufacturer's regulations, establish a detailed list of parts life; each forklift establishes a statistical table of the use of parts, and records the items of each consumables, the hours of operation of the forklift, etc., and compares them with the service life table. In case of the limit operation time, replace it in time. Second, before changing parts, thoroughly check the wear and internal damage of the old parts, and compare the data with the standard data. If the wear is not serious, continue to use; if the wear is serious, it should be replaced.

2, Human failure

This type of failure is caused by the lack of responsibility of the maintenance personnel. For example, when the carburetor is cured, one spring washer is dropped into the intake pipe, causing the piston to be scrapped; the anti-freeze water is loose, causing the oil sump to enter the water; the repair is accidentally, the crankshaft timing gear is injured by the tool. There is a bulge, the bulge against the timing gear on the camshaft causes abnormal noise of the engine; the sealing ring on the valve guide is improperly installed to cause the exhaust pipe to smash the oil; the abnormal sound is heard (the IV cylinder connecting rod bearing loose) No measures were taken, causing the shaft to be scrapped; the connecting rod bolts were tightened too tightly and damaged, causing the engine cylinder to be scrapped.


The cause of these failures is the poor maintenance and repair. Failure to replace, add oil or clean oil filter according to regulations, lack of oil or use of deteriorated lubricating oil, deterioration of lubrication conditions, accelerated wear, failure to replace the air filter element as required, so that it is dirty and clogged, the intake air volume is reduced, and the engine is weak. A large amount of dust enters the cylinder, accelerates cylinder wear, and deteriorates work performance. Second, illegal operation or poor assembly quality. Repair and driving personnel did not strictly abide by the operating procedures, adopting the wrong habits, adjustments, and assembly do not meet technical standards. Third, the quality of the parts is unqualified or the quality of the oils replaced or added is not good. The fourth is the savage disassembly, not loose (nuts, pistons, bearings), parts are dirty. Fifth, the forklift maintenance is not forced according to regulations. Causes wear, deformation, looseness and dirt of the parts. If the mileage is not cleaned according to the specified mileage, the oil is replaced. Sixth, the parts are missing. Seven is the use of forklifts in violation of regulations. For example, during the new forklift truck or the overhauled forklift truck, during the running-in period, the running-in regulations are not implemented, the speed limiter is removed in advance, the load is used in advance, and the overspeed operation is overloaded. Eighth, the repair process is poor, and the inspection is not fine. For example, when assembling a crankshaft, a flywheel, and a clutch assembly, the balance performance is destroyed, or the equipment is lacking, and the detection means is incomplete, so that the vehicle is loaded without being verified. Nine is not assembled or adjusted according to the prescribed clearance. For example, if the clearance between the piston and the cylinder is greater than the specified value, the suffocating gas will be smashed, the power will decrease, and the fuel consumption will increase. If it is less than the specified value, the piston cylinder will be stuck. When the valve clearance is not adjusted properly, the power is reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, and the machine is seriously abnormal. Ten is the wrong connection of the line and the wrong parts. If the battery is connected to the negative pole, the generator diode will be burnt out; if the regulator's live line and the magnetic field are connected to each other, the regulator contact will ablate; the engine crankshaft thrust piece is reversed, and the crankshaft is easy to axially The movement causes the end face of the cylinder bearing to be severely worn and scratched, or even scrapped.

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