Forklift gear pump repair tips

Forklift gear: The outer circle of the gear is worn and glued to increase the radial clearance. The lighter has no obvious influence on the use, and it can be repaired. In severe cases, the gear should be replaced.

The end faces of the gears are worn out, and the light is taken up, and the burr marks can be ground by grinding; when the wear is serious, the grinding can be smoothed on the grinding machine. However, as long as one gear end wears, the other gear needs to be ground at the same time to ensure that the thickness difference between the two gears is within 0.005 mm. At the time of grinding, attention should also be paid to the accuracy of the end faces and the holes, the end faces and the end faces. After grinding, apply oil stone to sharp edge burrs, but it is not suitable for chamfering.

The oil pump gears work in one direction, so the tooth faces are single-sided wear. The gear worn by the tooth surface can be removed by the whetstone, and the gear meshing orientation can be changed to restore the working performance of the oil pump.

Forklift gear bearing frame: When the end face is worn or the wire is pulled, four bearings can be placed on the surface grinder, and the end face is ground out at the same time based on the non-gear contact surface.

The inner hole is generally less worn. If the wear is severe, the grinding may be performed or the hole diameter may be ground to the repair size and the needle roller may be selected.

The damaged surface can be polished when it is worn, scratched and grooved with side plates or axially floating bushings. The method is to put no400-600 abrasive paste on the smooth surface, and add oil or wax to gently rotate on the surface of the side plate for polishing.

Forklift gear pump body: The pump body wear generally occurs in the oil suction chamber. Some oil pumps can be repaired by the transposition method from the structure, that is, the pump body is wound around its own axis by 180°, so that the oil suction chamber becomes the pressure oil chamber to restore its working ability.

The oil pump body that cannot be repaired by the indexing method can be repaired by the copper bushing method.

After the gear is ground due to wear of the end face, in order to maintain the axial clearance, the rear end face of the pump body needs to be ground to an appropriate thickness.

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