Forklift maintenance tips

Forklift daily maintenance is very important, maintenance work is not in place easily lead to forklift failure, increase maintenance costs, and even affect the forklift operations. The following is a forklift maintenance company for everyone to summarize the forklift maintenance tips.

1.To have a strict forklift management system, when the forklift is not applicable, please unplug the key, to avoid other non-operator misuse caused unnecessary damage. To tell the operator in the forklift process, for some of the narrow aisle, you must first check the width of the aisle to estimate whether the forklift and the goods can drive through.

2.After working every day, take half an hour or an hour, to listen to the forklift "sound", because the forklift is often at full load working condition, so to ensure the next day to work, listen to the work of the forklift, To ensure that it is normal, whether it can be used tomorrow.


3.for the storage forklift, battery maintenance and battery charging training is a must. Forklift battery is very important, and now a lot of batteries are lead-acid batteries, but there are a small number of batteries is maintenance-free battery, and most of the batteries also need to maintain someone, at this time should pay attention to check forklift distilled water, if not enough, please add ; In the charging time to note that although most of the rechargeable batteries are smart charging, but still can not be a long time plug, otherwise it will lead to damage to the charger. Due to the particularity of the battery, train your forklift operator to avoid costly maintenance due to improper maintenance of the battery.


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