How do companies choose to use electric stackers?


Electric stackers have been widely used in many warehousing and logistics applications. Its main function is to stack and pick up cargo. In addition to these, it can also be used as a horizontal handling tool. When customers choose the electric stacker, they need to understand its function and can fulfill their own requirements. If there are some special work products, such as paper tube, molten iron, etc., it is necessary to install a special stacker. Have a talent purpose.
It also needs to be selected according to the working environment and product requirements, generally including: the type of pallet used, the size of the cargo, the height of the stack, the required width of the working channel, and the grade. In addition, work habits are also taken into account, such as: more familiar with the car or station. There are also efficiency requirements for the work. When choosing different models, their working efficiency will be different.
Note: When selecting the vehicle type and vehicle configuration, the customer must specify the requirements of the electric stacker and the working conditions, so that the manufacturer can give reasonable recommendations to meet the needs of their own operations.

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