How do we repair the wheels and tires of the forklift?

    1. Repair of forklift truck
    1) If the bearing hole of the bolt is worn, the roundness error is greater than 1.5mm or the tire bolt bearing surface is not balanced, it can be repaired by surfacing.
    2) Cracks between bolt holes or between large holes can be repaired by welding.
    3) If the spokes and the rim joints are loose or the rivets are loose, they should be re-welded or re-riveted.
    4) If there is a crack on the rim, it can be repaired by welding.

    2. Repair of fork wheel hub
    1) When the inner and outer bearing housing hole wear of the hub is greater than 0.05mm, it should be chrome-plated.
    2) The oil seal seat hole is unevenly worn or has a dent of 0.15mm or more, which can be repaired by welding.
    3) The circumferential surface in contact with the brake hub should be flat, and the rounding of the center line of the hub should be turned to be repaired.
    4) When the brake hub of the hub is cracked, the groove can be welded and leveled.
    5) When the internal thread of the fixed half shaft bolt hole is damaged, it can be drilled again after the welding.
    6) When the end face circular runout in contact with the semi-axle flange is not more than 0.1mm, it should be repaired and corrected.


    3. Damage and repair of forklift tires
    Forklift tires have pneumatic tires and solid tires. Tire inflation pressure must be in accordance with the original factory standards, not too high or too low. If it is          too high, the elasticity of the tire is lowered and the layer is easily broken. If the air pressure is too low, it will cause severe deformation of the tire. The                      temperature will increase, causing degumming or breaking. It can also make the tire move on the rim and wear the bead. In severe cases, the inner tube valve will        be torn.
    (1) Tire When the tire has cracks, holes, blistering, delamination, etc., it should be repaired or renovated according to the specific conditions.
    There are continuous cracks around the carcass of the tire. When the tread rubber has been polished and there are large holes, the carcass line layer has ring rupture      and the whole ring is separated, it should be replaced.
    (2) Inner tube When a small hole is found, it can be hot or cold.
    1) Hot repair: the roughness of the inner tube is damaged, the fire glue is stuck on the damage, and the hole is just in the center of the glue, then the tire clip is          attached to the normal glue, and tightened. The screw is pressed and the heating agent on the fire rubber is ignited. After 10-15 minutes, the bonding can be tight.
    2) Raw rubber supplement (cold supplement): roughen the inner tube around the broken mouth, apply raw glue, wait until the surface of the glue is slightly dry, then      apply the second glue. When the glue is air-dried, the prepared raw rubber stick is attached to the broken On the mouth, pressurize and warm 140-145 ° C, keep            warm for 10-20min to vulcanize the raw rubber, after cooling, it can be tightly bonded.

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