How to choose a stacker for your own use

The stacker is a familiar logistics and warehousing equipment. As we know,the stacking truck is a combination of handling and stacking functions. It has been selling well in the forklift industry, and the manual stacker is practical, durable and cost-effective. It has been selling well in the market and it is a hot stacker sold in the logistics and warehousing equipment industry. However, there are many forklift trucks on the market that have handling and stacking functions. For example, electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts also have handling and stacking functions, but the general price is relatively high and the tonnage is large. Among them, electric forklifts and stackers are evenly matched, and the electric forklift is sold well with its advantages of the environmental protection, energy saving and low noise.


What details should I pay attention to when purchasing a stacker?

The first is the low drop height. This is a factor to consider. If the low drop height is too high. You can't insert the tray when you buy it back. Second, if you have a fork, this problem is ignored by many customers. If you want to have a fork,you need to consider the stacker of the leg, the forklift without the fork, or the modified wide leg stacker; Third, the height of the stacker, this is a problem that is easy to consider, and you can purchase it according to your needs. Fourth, the height of the stacker body, this is easy to ignore, such as the use of the stacker to enter the elevator, the door, etc., the height of the elevator and the door, the height of the stacker can not exceed the height of the elevator and the door, Otherwise, it will cause inconvenience to the use; Fifth, the wheel selection of the stacker is generally nylon wheel and polyurethane wheel. The nylon wheel has large sound and poor wear resistance. The polyurethane wheel has small sound and good wear resistance, and is selected according to the actual situation; According to the working conditions of the workplace, choose whether to need a stacker with brakes. The stacker usually has to be braked and does not have brakes. If the working condition is good, you can choose not to use the brakes. You need to be selected with brake; Seven, pay attention to selecting the operating comfort, can reduce fatigue of the operator.

How to choose a stacker?
The choice of stacker trucks should be selected according to actual needs. If the weight of the stacking trucks is heavy, the size of the cargo is large, and the use is frequent,at this time, I suggest to select all-electric stackers and electric forklifts,they work efficiently; If the size of the goods is small and frequently used. I suggest you choose a manual stacker, which is practical, durable, affordable and cost-effective. If you handle heavy stacking and infrequent use. I suggest you choose semi-electric stacker, semi-electric stacker. You need to know when your stacker is manually pulled, the efficiency is lower than that of the all-electric stacker and the electric forklift, but the stacking goods are more efficient than the manual stacker.

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