How to judge the performance of a forklift?

For many customers, the use of forklifts is relatively simple, but the expertise of forklifts is less known. Under normal circumstances, everyone thinks that as long as the forklift takes a long time, it is good performance if it does not fail frequently. Performance is not only reflected in these two aspects, a good forklift and its performance is also reflected in high efficiency, low cost, safe and reliable, ergonomics, high configuration and so on.

First, high efficiency
Mainly refers to the time spent in completing a certain job, and basically maintain this efficiency during this time, many factors can drive efficiency.
1, the speed of driving, lifting, etc.
2, ergonomic design, so that the driver is not easy to fatigue
3, driving has an open view

Second, low cost
Is the total cost of buying and using a forklift
1. Early purchase cost
2. Late maintenance costs
3, the usual energy costs
4, the main labor costs

If the service life of the forklift is relatively long, then the procurement cost is relatively low, the maintenance cost is mainly reflected in the frequency of the failure rate, and the quality of the forklift has a low failure rate, and its maintenance cost is also It is reduced accordingly. Different types of forklifts have different energy costs, such as some electricity, some diesel, some gas. The labor cost is mainly reflected in the driver's salary.

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