Inspection and repair of forklift brake system

1. Adjustment of forklift brake valve

1) The pre-tensioning force of the balance spring should be 300-350n. When adjusting, the gasket between the spring and the bushing can be adjusted to adjust.

2) The distance between the intake valve and the stem head is generally 16-16.4mm. If the distance is too small, the opening of the valve can be repaired. If the distance is too large and the intake valve is closed tightly and the air leaks, the head of the valve stem can be honed.

3) Adjustment of the exhaust valve. The distance between the exhaust valve housing and the stem head should be (4.5 ± 0.5) mm. When adjusting, the adjustment gasket between the exhaust valve housing and the brake valve housing can be increased or decreased to be adjusted.

4) Adjustment of the pedal free travel. The brake valve arm free travel adjustment screw can be adjusted to a stroke of 1-3 mm. The screw-in free travel is reduced, otherwise it is increased.

2. Inspection and repair of the brake room of the forklift

1) When the diaphragm of the brake chamber is cracked, deformed or aged and loses its elasticity, it should be replaced.

2) When the brake chamber spring is obviously deformed and bent, it should be replaced. The spring tension of the two brake chambers should be the same, otherwise it should be adjusted.

3) When the push rod is bent and the pressure plate is loose on the push rod, it should be repaired. When the push rod pin hole is worn, it should be repaired by surfacing.

4) After the brake chamber is installed, the protruding part of the push rod should be no more than 40mm, and the stroke of the push rod is 20-40mm. When the brake room is working, it should be flexible and unblocked, and should not leak.

3. Forklift wheel brake

1) When the brake cam, camshaft and bearing journal are worn, it can be repaired after surfacing.

2) Adjustment of wheel brake shoe clearance: Rotate the camshaft so that the gap between the upper end of the shoe and the brake hub is 0.4 mm. Turn the adjustment worm of the brake camshaft adjustment arm to reduce the clearance between the friction lining and the brake hub to 0.4 mm.

When adjusting the lower end of the shoe, first loosen the shoe shaft lock nut and turn the shoe shaft until the gap between the lower end of the shoe and the brake hub is 0.2-0.6mm, then tighten the lock nut.

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