Pneumatic vs Cushion Tire Forklifts: What’s the difference

TY25 Cushion Tire VS Pneumatic Tire

TY25 Cushion Tire
TY25 Cushion Tire
Pneumatic Tire
Pneumatic Tire

When making a decision to buy a forklift, it is essential to determine what environment and what type of lifting you need the forklift to do. Most forklifts require specific tires, so do your research before making your forklift purchase to be sure the one you buy will work for you.

Choosing the right tire impacts the handling and safety of your lift. The majority of forklifts are specifically designed for a particular tire and tires are designed for specific uses or industries.

Before we look at the differences between a pneumatic tire and cushion tire forklift, start by answering these questions to help you determine which piece of equipment will be right for your needs:

1. What type of environment will you use the lift in? What type of lifting will you be doing?

2. Will you be using the forklift indoors or outdoors, primarily?

3. If using indoors, does your warehouse or building have narrow aisles that the forklift will be navigating?

4. How important is turning radius?

5. Are you working with a large, open space?

6.If using primarily outdoors, what type of surface will the forklift be traveling on? Asphalt, gravel, concrete, grass, or other rough surfaces?

7.Are there any large, sharp, or potentially dangerous object on the grounds?

The main characteristics of pneumatic tire forklifts and cushion tire forklifts.

When choosing the right tire for your forklift, there are two common choices: pneumatic forklift tires or cushion forklift tires. They both have significant differences that should be considered when evaluating which works best for your business.

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