The Handling Equipment Monster on 2017ProMat Show

2017 (ProMat) US logistics exhibition tomorrow will be officially ended, as the show's actual participants and one of the reporters, the Chinese forklift network ( reporter at the show site also found and recorded a number of exhibition highlights. And this time, we decided to start from the "strange", and everyone to go under the details of the ProMat show on those who move the weapon in the end how strange!

1.The following AGV is definitely the first choice, quad versa AGV, it is estimated that explosion-proof function Oh! I believe enough to pocket your eyes.

2.The machinery of the brand BIGJOE this warehouse, the same characteristics, I believe that the design concept from the user's needs.

3.The following side of the forklift is worth a view, there are pictures of the truth.

4.Carter (CAT) construction machinery in the giant, forklift is also different!


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