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The operation difficulty of the front-moving electric reactor is slightly more difficult than that of the electric reactor. It mainly depends on the control of the electric vehicle when driving.
First, when charging, pay special attention to the charging method of the battery. To make the battery charge just enough power, it will not cause excessive charging. Therefore, we should pay attention to the timely charging and proper maintenance of the battery. The second thing to say is that in the course of operation, we need to pay attention. Everyone avoids the need to maintain acceleration for a long time during use. When everyone is driving, if the road conditions are relatively good, the vehicle needs to slow down. All you have to do is to relax the accelerator pedal like a car, and then gently press the brake pedal. When the vehicle goes downhill, we should not disconnect the circuit of the driving motor first. We only need to gently press the brake pedal, which can greatly reduce the loss of the battery. Nowadays, the electric reactor high vehicles have this regenerative braking technology. 

In the process of use of the vehicle, when the battery power is found to be insufficient from the meter or the lack of power in the use of the vehicle function, everyone should charge the battery as soon as possible, so as to prevent excessive discharge of the battery.
So when you use an electric car, you should pay attention to some operational matters so that you can extend the life of the electric reactor.

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