The difference between electric forklift and internal combustion forklift

Electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts are two types of forklifts, each with their own advantages and their respective shortcomings. Today, let's talk about the difference between electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts.

The parameters of the same two capacity products are almost the same, such as rated load, lifting height, load center, and other parameters are almost the same. In this case, everyone should purchase their respective performance and characteristics. Comparing the two types, electric forklifts use electricity and internal combustion forklifts is fuel. For electric forklifts, it is basically no noise and pollution compared with diesel internal combustion forklifts, and it is more convenient to maintain. However, the battery life of the electric forklift maybe much weaker. If the forklift has no electricity, it will not work. It must be charged, so you had better prepared another battery to use in turn to some extent. Diesel forklift use fuel, this mainly suitable for outdoor, open space or low environmental requirements place, you only need to add fuel to work like blood, and with big horsepower, you can work in a variety of environments, this is the big differences with electric forklifts.

Therefore, these two types of forklifts have their own features, each with its own suitable working environment. When refers to make a choice, we must consider our own working environment and then let our sevice provider give us the best suggestions.


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