What is the principle of electric truck design?

A battery-powered truck in the electric truck market is more convenient and labor-saving than a manual truck. You may want to ask the electric truck so much, so what is the principle of the electric truck design?

        Car body:
        The body of the electric pallet truck is welded, the circuit control line and the hydraulic components are respectively on the two sides of the tail box, so that the            components of the vehicle body are relatively independent and relatively coordinated, so that everyone can operate more conveniently and simply.

        The walking is driven by the rotation of the driving wheel driven by the DC motor.
        Capacitance meter:
        The battery capacity meter on the car body can accurately see the power consumption, which can remind everyone to charge in time.

        Other parts:
        Its pedals, handles and other components are designed according to ergonomics, making the operation more sensitive and accurate.

The principle of electric truck design not only makes the handling work more labor-saving, but also greatly increases the safety, so it is widely used in some chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

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