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Introduction of heavy-duty beam shelves for Warehouse equipment
Into the heavy shelves, also commonly known as beam-type shelves, or goods-type shelves, belonging to the tray shelf class, various positions in the country
The most common type of shelf in a storage rack system. The assembly structure in the form of pillar plate + beam is simple and effective.
According to the characteristics of the storage unit assembly equipment such as: barrier, steel laminate (wood laminate), metal mesh layer, storage cage guide
Rails, drum racks and other functions. Satisfy the storage of goods in the form of different units of container equipment.
First, force into the shelf design principles:
Design shelf structure, comprehensively consider the use requirements, equipment conditions, load properties, material supply, use the production of installation conditions
Factors such as reasonable choice of materials and structure, to achieve advanced technology, economical and reasonable, safe use, ensure quality
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