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Warehouse equipment cargo access
According to the form of cargo access, it is divided into unit shelf type, mobile shelf type, and sorting shelf type.
(1) Unit shelf type: Unit shelf type is a common warehouse form. The goods are first placed in a tray or container and then loaded into the shelf of the unit shelf.
(2) Mobile shelf type: The mobile shelf type is composed of electric shelves, which can be walked on the track. The control device controls the shelves to be closed and separated. When the shelves are separated during operation, operations can be performed in the laneway; when the shelves are not in operation, the shelves can be closed and only one working lane can be left, thereby improving the space utilization.
(3) Picking shelf type: Picking shelf type is the core part of sorting mechanism. It is divided into two ways: sorting in lanes and sorting outside lanes. “Pick up before people arrive” is to pick out the required number of goods from the warehouse before the picking staff takes the picking machine to the warehouse. “From person to person” is to pick up the pallets or boxes that hold the required goods from the stacker to the picking area. The picking personnel pick out the required goods according to the requirements of the bill of lading, and then return the remaining goods to the original place.
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