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Basic Classification of Material Handing Equipment
Material handling machinery can be roughly divided into five categories according to functions: lifting machinery, conveyors, handling machinery, handling vehicles, and storage equipment. Generally speaking, the lifting machinery is used for lifting and handling, but its transportation distance is short, its mechanism is used for intermittent movement; the conveyor can continuously transport materials, the transportation route is generally fixed, mostly used to transport bulk materials; Mechanical energy picks things up and loads materials. Transportation vehicles can flexibly arrange transportation routes, have a long transportation distance, can work indoors or outdoors, and have wheels; storage equipment is a device for stacking, taking, and storing materials in warehouses, including silo devices, overhead warehouses, and Feeder and so on. With the development of industry, many machines have many functions and uses. For example, forklifts are handling vehicles that can be used for loading and unloading as well as lifting heavy objects.

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