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Material Handing Equipment Principles
1. Planning principles: Plan all material handling and storage activities to achieve maximum overall operating efficiency.
2. System Principle: Integrate various handling activities into the overall operating system covering suppliers, purchases, storage, production, inspection, packaging, warehouse management, shipping, transportation, and customers.
3. Material flow principle: Provides a job sequence and equipment layout that optimizes the material flow.
4. Simplify the principle (reduction principle): Simplify handling by reducing, eliminating, or merging unnecessary moves and equipment.
5, the principle of gravity: try to use gravity to move the material.
6. Principle of space utilization: Optimize the use of building volume as much as possible.
7, the principle of unit size: increase the number of units, size, or weight.
8, the principle of mechanization: the mechanization of handling operations.
9, the principle of automation: to provide production, handling and storage functions such as automation.
10. Equipment selection principle: When selecting the handling equipment, various elements of the materials to be transported should be taken into account, including the methods and methods used.
11. Standardization principles: Standardize the types and dimensions of handling methods and handling equipment.
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