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Meaning of Material Handing Equipment
The ultimate goal of the enterprise material handling system is to reduce the handling costs under the premise of guaranteeing the normal production of the enterprise and to ensure that the enterprise products are sufficiently competitive in the market. In modern companies, material handling costs generally account for about 20% to 30% of the total product cost. In the mechanical industry, material handling costs are as high as 35% to 40%. Therefore, reducing the operating costs of the material handling system is an increase in corporate profits. way. Because of the unbalanced development of various regions and industries in China, the types of production of different companies are different. Only the major and common transportation principles can be determined. Enterprises can optimize the material handling system according to their own conditions and improve the efficiency of the material handling system.
(1) Increase the material activity index.
(2) Consolidation and unitization of materials (such as containerization, palletization, and standardization).
(3) Transportation of bulk bulk material.
(4) The material activity index and the handling equipment handling index are rationalized.
(5) The material handling system is linear (ie, the shortest distance to carry).
(6) The material handling system is seamlessly docked (transport materials do not fall as far as possible, do not load and unload, and direct transport).
(7) Reasonable, appropriate and practical mechanization, automation, and unmanned.
(8) Material Handling System Balanced handling.
(9) The configuration of the handling equipment in the material handling system is rationalized (that is, the system is capable of carrying the equipment in full capacity to avoid the formation of functional islands due to the capacity or overcapacity or insufficiency of certain equipment in the system).
(10) Gravity transportation.
(11) Maximum transport unitization (The transport unit should be as large as possible under the conditions allowed by the transport equipment).
(12) The principle of maximum use of space (in the storage system, use space as much as possible to reduce the cost of land prices).
(13) Safety principles (accidents are the biggest waste of costs).
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