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Material Handing Equipment Development and Advantages
After the 20th century, unitized transportation was greatly developed. The standardization of containers and the promotion of intermodal transport simplified the loading and unloading of water and land transport, and caused changes in the layout of stations and ports, and the structure of railway vehicles and ships.
Material handling machinery can transfer the semi-finished products of the previous process directly and automatically to the next process, link up and down many processes into a system to form a rhythmic production, and can also clean and dry the materials at the same time during the handling process. , painting, sorting, storage, inspection and metering, which can reduce the number of loading and unloading, shorten the production cycle and save equipment investment.
In many production and operational processes, material handling machines are not separate machines but an integral part of the entire process. When researching and selecting material handling machines, not only the characteristics of the materials, the purpose and requirements of the transportation, but also whether or not the environment is disturbed and contaminated during the operation must be considered in conjunction with the entire production or operation process, so that the transportation machines can After all kinds of machinery are closely linked to become a system to reduce loading and unloading links and increase economic efficiency.
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