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What are the types of warehouse equipment
Logistic storage equipment can be divided into applications according to the purpose: packaging equipment, storage equipment, container unit equipment, loading and unloading handling equipment, circulation processing equipment, transportation equipment.
Packaging equipment
Packaging equipment refers to the equipment that completes all or part of the packaging process. Packaging equipment is the fundamental guarantee for mechanization and automation of product packaging. Including filling equipment, canned equipment, sealing equipment, wrapping equipment, labeling equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment, sterilization equipment.
Storage equipment
Mainly include shelves, stackers, vans, entry and exit conveyors, sorting equipment, hoists, handling robots, and computer management and monitoring systems. These devices can form an automated, semi-automated, mechanized commercial warehouse to stack, access, and sort carrier items.
3. Container unit equipment
Mainly containers, pallets, turnover boxes and other container unit equipment. After the containers are packed or combined and packaged, they have high flexibility and are ready for operation at any time, which facilitates the integration of storage, handling, transportation, and packaging to achieve the mechanization and standardization of logistics operations.
4. Loading and unloading equipment
It refers to the equipment used for moving, lifting, loading and unloading, and transporting materials at short distances. It is an important part of logistics machinery and equipment. From the perspective of use and structural features, loading and unloading handling equipment mainly includes lifting equipment, continuous transportation equipment, loading and unloading handling vehicles, and special loading and unloading handling equipment.
5. Circulation processing equipment
Mainly include metal processing equipment, mixing equipment, wood processing equipment and other circulation processing equipment.
6. Transportation equipment
As mentioned earlier, the importance of transportation. The unique position of transportation in logistics puts forward higher requirements for transport equipment, and requires that transport equipment has the characteristics of high speed, intelligence, generalization, large-scale and safe and reliable, in order to improve the operational efficiency of transport and reduce transport costs, and Optimize the use of transportation equipment. According to different modes of transportation, transportation equipment can be divided into cargo vehicles, railway trucks, cargo ships, air transport equipment and pipeline equipment. For a third-party logistics company, it generally only has a certain number of trucks, while other transportation equipment directly utilizes the public transportation equipment of the society.
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