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Material Handing Equipment Principles
In the machinery factory, the materials transferred between the processing steps and material storage sites are usually placed in a tray or a bin, and they can be unitized and transported in a box, which can reduce the labor and avoid material loss. Easy to count viewing. With the continuous improvement of the production automation level of mechanical products, including the promotion and application of robots and industrial robots, the relationship between material handling operations and processing processes has become increasingly closer, and the management of logistics systems has become more important.
Material handling machinery A wide range of in-plant material handling machines are available for use by machinery factories. In order to give full play to the potential of various types of handling machinery, it is necessary to attach importance to the necessary auxiliary equipment such as pallets, containers, spreaders, fixtures, springboards, platforms, maintenance facilities, communication equipment, and weighing and measuring instruments. At the same time, we must establish a man-machine-environment system that conforms to the principles of ergonomics for various material handling operations to ensure safe, healthy and comfortable operation of operators.
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