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Maintenance issues with Warehouse EquipmentElectric Pallet Truck
Whether a vehicle can be used satisfactorily depends on careful maintenance. When neglecting maintenance, it may endanger personal safety, damage to vehicles and property. Therefore, during use, regular inspections should be performed regularly to eliminate abnormal phenomena and do not use faulty vehicles to ensure safety and prolong the service life of vehicles. Full electric pallet truck maintenance:
1, maintenance: generally divided into three levels, namely daily maintenance, a maintenance, secondary maintenance
Daily maintenance: Should be carried out once a day, the main content is to keep the body surface clean, clean the battery surface, check the power cord is firm, the chain is tight and normal.
Level 1 Maintenance: Once a week, the contents of the maintenance, in addition to the routine maintenance contents, should focus on checking whether the working conditions of each component are normal, whether the fasteners are loose, whether the chain is tight, whether the chain joint connecting pin is bent or twisted, or not. Whether the rack up and down is normal, whether the hydraulic joint leaks oil, whether the mechanical part is abnormally worn or not, whether the electrical part has abnormal temperature rise and spark, etc. If it is found to be abnormal, it should be timely adjusted and removed.
Secondary maintenance: Should be carried out on schedule, and conduct a comprehensive inspection according to the following requirements.
a, mechanical maintenance: once every six months, the main content is to drive the drive gear and bearing lubrication, to add lubrication to each rotating joint, at the same time check the fasteners are solid, each wheel is flexible, the fork Whether the lift is normal. After the maintenance of the vehicle operating noise is not greater than 70 dB.
b, hydraulic maintenance: once every 12 months, check the cylinder is in normal condition, whether there is internal leakage and leakage, hydraulic joints, hydraulic hose is reliable and no leakage. The hydraulic oil is clean, and the hydraulic oil is generally replaced in 12 months. The hydraulic oil pump adopts ISO oil standard. When the ambient temperature is -5~40°C, HL-N46 or HL-N68 is used. When the ambient temperature is -35~-5°C, HV-N46 or HV-N68 low temperature hydraulic oil is used. Replaced waste oil is disposed of according to local regulations.
c. Electrical maintenance: Once every three months, the first step is to check whether the proportion of battery electrolyte is appropriate. “Tropical: use specific gravity 1.24 (at 25°C), other areas: use specific gravity 1.26 (at 25°C)”, battery Whether the terminals are clean, otherwise the specific gravity of the electrolyte must be adjusted according to regulations, clean the terminals, and apply a small amount of petrolatum, tighten them properly. Then check the electrical connector is reliable, the switch is normal, and check the electrical insulation is normal (electrical part and the car body insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5M Europe above)
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