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Warehouse Equipment Storage Principles on Shelves
1, storage shelves facing the channel for safekeeping. In order to facilitate the entry and exit of goods, it is easy to move within the warehouse. The basic condition is to keep the goods in the channel.
2, as far as possible to the high place, improve storage efficiency. The effective use of the library's content should be stacked as far as possible. To prevent damage and ensure safety, scaffolding and other storage facilities should be used as much as possible.
3, according to the frequency of selected locations. Items with high frequency of shipments and purchases should be placed near the entrances and exits for easy operation. Items with poor mobility should be placed far away from entrances and exits. Seasonal items should be selected according to their seasonal characteristics.
4. Keep the same variety in the same place. In order to improve work efficiency and safekeeping efficiency, the same items or similar items should be kept in the same place. The familiarity of employees with the location of items in the warehouse directly affects the time of entering and leaving the warehouse. Placing similar items in the adjacent places is also effective. The important method.
 5, according to the weight of the items arranged for storage. When arranging places for placement, of course, we must put heavy things underneath, and put light things on the shelves. In particular, like medium-sized shelves, manual handling is required, and there is a threat to the safety of personnel at a high level, so this is an important principle for improving efficiency and ensuring safety.
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