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Warehouse equipment history and advantages
China's development of three-dimensional warehouses and its material handling equipment began not too late. In 1963, it developed the first bridge-type stacker crane. In 1973, it began to develop the first computer-controlled automated warehouse (15 meters in height) in China. The library was put into operation in 1980. As of 2003, the number of automated warehouses in China has exceeded 200. The three-dimensional warehouse has advantages of high space utilization, strong ability to import and export warehouses, use of computers for control and management, which facilitates the implementation of modern management, and has become an indispensable storage technology for enterprise logistics and production management. The importance of business.
Automated Warehouse (AS/RS) is composed of three-dimensional racks, railroad stacker stackers, palletization systems for outbound and outbound trays, bar code reading systems for dimensional inspections, communication systems, automatic control systems, computer monitoring systems, computer management systems, and others such as Wire and cable bridges are equipped with complex automation systems consisting of power distribution cabinets, trays, adjustment platforms, and steel structure platforms. Using the first-class integrated logistics concept, advanced control, bus, communication and information technology are used to carry out warehouse operations through coordinated operations of the above equipment.
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