Diesel Forklift Ease Maintenance(二)

(4)Replacing or repairing tire

Prepare tools and jack necessary for replacing or repairing tires.

a) Front wheel

·Stop the truck on a level,hard surface and shut down the engine.All loads should be unloaded from the truck.

·Apply the parking brake and block the wheels.Put the jack under the truck frame.

·Jack up the truck to the extent that the tire still remains on the ground.Loosen the hub nuts.Do not remove them.

·Again jack up the truck until the tire leaves off the ground.Remove the hub nuts,and detach the wheel.

·The wheel should be reinstalled in the reverse order:The hub nuts should be tightened in the diagonal order evenly.

After reinstallation,check the tire for proper inflation pressure.

Tire inflation pressure … 700kPa.

b)Rear wheel

Use the same manner as with the front wheel tire repair or replacement except for the position of the jack which goes under the counterweight.

Complete inspections of the forklift truck prevents faults previously and extends an usable period of the truck. Do the detailed record well after checking and keep the record for 3 years at least. Daily servicing,weekly servicing and monthly servicing are all could be done by the prefessional operator.


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