Keep Safe Distance From Moving Vehicles By Using Forklift

Proximity between pedestrians and moving vehicles is a constant hazard in many work places. The potential to cause injury or even death is always present. 

Keeping people a safe distance from moving vehicles by using forklift can be challenging. 

Traditional methods include safety rules, bollards and keep out areas but are not enough to keep people safe from the danger of being struck by moving vehicles - more needs to be done. 

If you are concerned about human factors like non-compliance with safety rules, inattention, poor safety behaviour (judgement) and physical problems like blind spots around vehicles then the  GS BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety Warning System provides you the solution to address these issues.

The GS BodyGuard Pedestrian Sensor offers an effective and simple way to keep your people a safe distance away from any mobile plant by operating forklift in your work place, resulting in dramatic improvement in your safety outcomes. 

In addition to saving lives and the negative impact to your company as result of death or injury, the system helps drivers and pedestrians understand what is a safe distance in spite of in-attention and poor judgement. 


GS BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety Warning System detects people breaching the safety exclusion zone and activates a clear human voice warning for forklift driver and pedestrian. Tags worn by pedestrians ensure positive identification, without false alarms, when the safety exclusion zone is breached. The pedestrian safety warning zone provides 360-degree cover (even through solid objects), adjustable from 2.5m radius to around 9m.

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