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The use and classification of Warehouse Equipment
Warehouse equipment can be divided into loading and unloading handling equipment, storage equipment, metering equipment, maintenance inspection equipment, ventilation lighting equipment, labor protection equipment, and other use equipment and tools according to its use and characteristics.

Handling equipment
Loading and unloading handling equipment is used for the entry and exit of goods, stacking within the warehouse, and turning operations. Such equipment plays an important role in improving warehouse management, reducing labor intensity, and improving collection and delivery efficiency. At present, the loading and unloading handling equipment used in Chinese warehouses can generally be divided into three categories:
Handling stacking equipment: bridge cranes, wheeled cranes, gantry cranes, forklifts, stackers, tackles, springboards and skateboards.
Handling and transportation equipment: level trucks, belt conveyors, assembly lines, production lines, elevators, and trolleys.
Grouping transport tools: pallets, networks, etc.

Storage equipment
Storage facilities are equipment used to protect the quality of warehousing products. Mainly summarized as the following:
Cushioning supplies: protects against rain, wind, and ventilation. Including: tarpaulin (oil cloth, plastic cloth, etc.), mat, sleeper, stone and so on. Storks and banquets are used in open storage yards.

Inventory equipment: including various types of wide shelves, cabinets.
Shelf: An open shelf that stores goods. According to the layout of the warehouse. Shelves can be assembled in two ways or integrally welded. The overall manufacturing cost is high and it is not easy to change the combination of shelves. Therefore less used. Shelves play a large role in warehouses with large wholesale and retail volumes, especially in three-dimensional warehouses. It facilitates the entry and exit of goods, and can also increase the utilization of warehouse capacity.
Containers: Closed shelves that store goods. Mainly used to store more expensive or need special care products.
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