Between lithium & zero emissions, GS COMPNAY explains GS's solutions for the fruit & vegetable market

- Two main proposals from GS at the canton fair: the new GS electric forklift and the GS pallet truck

GS took part in this Canton Fair to present two of the most important innovations dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector. 
We talked about it with GS Company, who explained to us how the brand has made zero emissions and lithium to meet the needs of one of the main sectors of the Global economy.

What weight does the fruit and vegetable sector have in your business?

GS pays particular attention to the agri-food sector which is a flagship of the global market, not by chance we offer a complete range of electric or hybrid propulsion vehicles that represent the ideal solution for fruit and vegetable warehouses . Our agile and compact trucks offer high residual capacities at great heights and fit perfectly in this sector that needs customizable solutions based on customer needs. To present all these solutions, we decided to participate in this exhibition.

What peculiarities does this sector have compared to other sectors and, consequently, what are the requests you receive from the fruit and vegetable operators?

One of the typical features of the sector is that of handling a few references but in large quantities , often stored in piles . For this reason special baskets are used , so vehicles with special and very compact equipment are required , which we are able to supply to our customers. Furthermore, in the fruit and vegetable warehouses the trolleys operate in environments with slippery floors, due to the presence of water and humidity, we must therefore guarantee maximum operator safety. The challenge for us manufacturers is to develop trucks that are able to fit perfectly into the dynamics of these warehouses, responding optimally to the specific requests of operators and developing solutions that facilitate their daily work.

Tell us about the solutions you brought to the fair, the GS Electric Forklift in particular seems to be a cart particularly suitable for operating in the fruit and vegetable sector.

We brought to our stand the new GS Forklift equipped with a particular equipment, very much in demand by the fruit and vegetable operators , which allows a 180-degree rotation of the forks to rapidly unload or overturn the loads and immediately return the forks to the gripping position. With over 80,000 units produced over time, the GS Forklift is one of our most popular trucks and has recently been the subject of a profound restyling that has made it even more powerful, agile and compact than its predecessor. Visibility, ergonomics and safety have also been significantly improved compared to the old model. The new GS Forklift electric range consists of 7 new models, with 3 and 4 wheels, with capacities ranging from 1.0 to 2 tons. At the stand we also brought the ET20MH an Lithium Pallet Truck.

With a capacity of up to 2000 kg which simplifies the work and ensures great maneuverability and the FBD20, a compact and sturdy drawbar stacker that thanks to its considerable residual capacity can lift large quantities at high heights.  

There is a lot of talk about lithium batteries, what advantages do they offer to fruit and vegetable operators?

This technology, in the development of which GS was also a pioneer, is the ideal solution for fruit and vegetable warehouses: lithium batteries do not produce emissions and are resistant to low temperatures , so they are perfect for operating in food logistics and cold rooms . In addition, in this sector, the work cycles are very intense and the lithium battery allows partial recharging and charging without damaging the battery. For these reasons the lithium formula, which GS offers throughout the range, can certainly be the most appropriate solution for companies in the fruit and vegetable sector.


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