Cost Effective Maintenance Tips for Forklift-part2

In the use of forklifts, due to the internal structure changes and external factors, the internal parts of the vehicle may be subject to wear, looseness, deformation, etc. At the mean time, accidents and safety problems may occur in the long run. Therefore, the cost of using the forklift also increased.

At current time users have paid more attention to the maintenance of forklifts. Scientific and reasonable maintenance can not only effectively extend the life of forklifts, but also ensure the safety of work, so that your forklift can be in optimal working condition at any time and reduce the cost of use. At some heavy workload, the forklift is almost 24 hours working. How do we carry out simple maintenance of the forklift to ensure efficiency and reduce the cost of use?

7. Take more time to train your forklift operators and teach them safety knowledge. That will reduce the damage to the forklift and the cargo, and also greatly reduce the forklift failure.

8. To make preventive maintenance plan and keep regularly maintain for forklifts. In the long run, maintenance could save a lot of money, which can prevent major components from failing, and also eliminate many expensive repairs to extend the life of your forklift.

9. To have a strict forklift management system. When the forklift finish work, please remove the key to avoid unnecessary damage caused by others. To tell the operator in advance, for some narrow aisles, you must firstly figure out the width of the aisle to estimate whether the forklift and cargo can pass safely.

10. After working every day, taking half an hour or one hour to listen to the "sound" of the forklift. Since the forklift is often in full working condition, please ensure the working sound of the forklift in normal condition to make sure the regular working of the forklift.

11.Battery maintenance and battery charging training are required. The battery of the forklift is very important. Most forklift batteries are normally lead-acid batteries, but a small number of batteries are maintenance-free batteries. Most of the batteries need special maintenance. At this time, pay attention to check the distilled water of the forklift. If it is not enough, please add it in time. Although most rechargeable batteries are smart charging, attention should be paid when charging. Do not plugged in for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage to the charger. Due to the specialty of battery, it is best to train your forklift operator to avoid costly maintenance due to improper battery maintenance.

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