Double Deep Reach Truck Features


◆Smart and Strong

It is one thing to design a reach truck that has the function to operate. It is another to create a reach truck incorporate outstanding intelligence and technology into the reach truck. 

In keeping with this desire, GS FBRS series combines strength and intelligence.

◆Reliable and Comfort

Innovative features and extraordinary design give operators unparalleled operational confidence and safety.

It turns out that operators are in high efficiency when they are more confident; This is what GS integrated cab has: easy to use, comfortable, reliable and safe.

GS FBRS series Side Vertical Operation provides five points of contact to avoid confusion between the hands and feet. 

◆Precise Control

GS FBRS series achieve high precision and good handling through an intelligent, direct integrated hand shake and optional “Cargo Loading Assistance”.

GS Intelligent System continuously monitors and analyzes the operation of the truck to control ride speed, braking, turning speed and position.

The multi-task control hand shake allows the operator to manage the direction and speed of travel during lifting and forward operation.


◆Superior Performance

GS FBRS series focus each component of the Series to ensure optimum performance in lifting, declining and handling.

GS FBRS series set appropriate speed of lifting, declining and traveling speeds based on operator operating conditions and tasks.

GS FBRS series drive control system reduces tire slip during acceleration, braking and reverse braking, effectively extending tire life.

◆Reliable Uptime

GS systematically ensures uptime, from design and manufacturing to diagnostics, services and components.

GS self-designed and manufactured motors continue to provide powerful power. 

In addition, GS self-manufactured controllers process more faster and make forklifts more sensitive and reliable.

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