The Advantages of an Electric Forklift

In recent years substantial improvements have been made in all types of forklifts: From those with petrol, diesel and LPG type to the most recent electric trucks .

Each type of forklift naturally has different characteristics and precise advantages . However, all of them must be used according to their most appropriate configuration to guarantee high levels of safety and longevity. 

For this reason, depending on the operations to be performed, the size of the loads to be handled, or the characteristics of the environment - internal or external - in which one operates, forklifts of a specific type may be indicated instead of a 'else.

Electric forklift trucks occupy a very special (and expanding) space with regard to warehouse activities . They are chosen in particular by companies that try to avoid a noisy and dirty environment, often associated with industrial equipment.

The choice of an electric forklift carries important advantages in particular in the areas of cost , management and maintenance .

Here are the 10 main benefits deriving from the purchase of an electric-powered forklift for warehouse activities.

Main benefits of an electric-powered forklift:

1.Comparable performance
The difference in terms of performance compared to combustion forklifts has been significantly reduced, if not completely reduced.

2.Low maintenance
Cost When you buy an electric forklift, most of the expense for food, ie the battery and the charger, is purchased in advance: all that remains to be paid is electricity only to recharge the battery, which is much cheaper than the continuous purchase of fuel such as gasoline, diesel or LPG.

3.Cost of more stable electricity
In addition to being decidedly smaller than that of traditional fuels, the cost of electricity is also generally more stable over time and less subject to often substantial and sudden increases.

4.Perfect for all installations, even the smallest.
Electric lift trucks are ideal for all types of installations. The smaller frame than a combustion forklift improves maneuverability, thanks to the small turning radius, perfect for installations with small corridors, reducing the operator's margin of error.

5.Lighter routine maintenance
Generally, electric forklifts require longer maintenance intervals and lower ordinary maintenance costs. Fewer components are involved, plus engine oil, filters, coolant and a large number of accessories simply do not exist, with the added benefit that it is not necessary to get rid of debris. All these factors contribute to reducing costs in the long term.

6.More safety
Eliminating the need for petrol, diesel or LPG also eliminates the need for fuel storage, reducing costs and risks to health and safety.

7.Less noise
The reduction of noise in the workplace is an important factor, which helps to provide a better environment for employees and neighbors.

8.High load capacity and stability
Thanks to its lower center of gravity, the electric forklift allows to obtain good load capacity with greater stability.

9.Almost Zero Carbon Emissions Carbon
Emissions are close to zero, offering a significantly healthier work environment.

10.Easy replacement of the traction battery
The replacement of the battery is a quick, easy and safe operation on all electric lift trucks. This reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle and guarantees greater protection for the operators.

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